Barcelona International SummerSchool (BISS), 2019 edition

Event date: 1-26 July 2019

Event Hour:

Location: Barcelona

The full catalogue of the BISS 2019 is available on the website and also in attachment for your consideration. To the courses in Social Movements, Environment, Gender Politics, Big Data, Humanities or New Frontiers in Biology from the 2018 edition, we are now adding others on Artificial Intelligence, Migration, Quantum Mechanics, Philosophy of Law or Digital Marketing. UPF will apply a registration fee waiver to students coming from YERUN universities as a token of appreciation for a valuable partnership.

The schedules and calendars (from 1 to 26 July) are based on modules, so that students have the flexibility to combine courses of 4, 2 or 1 week. Remember that the BISS will take place at the UPF Ciutadella Campus, creating a vibrant and motivating environment for participating students at the heart of the city of Barcelona.

Please consider this programme for students who are looking for an intellectually challenging summer experience.

Please watch and feel free to share a short video introducing the programme. You can always refer to their website; or general enquiries by email: barcelonasummerschool@upf.edu

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