UEssex: Climate Crisis Impact Dialogue – 29 April 2021

Event date: 29 April 2021

Event Hour: 10:00 - 17:00 CEST


How can social science help tackle the Climate Crisis?

The University of Essex are leading an ‘Impact Dialogue’, to build the understanding of the key social, behavioural and system challenges that prevent us from tackling the climate crisis, and to identify where research can be applied to bring solutions.

The aim of the ‘Impact Dialogue’ is to bring together non-academic stakeholders (such as government, industry, NGOs, and any other interested organisations), who can give insight into the challenges that they face within their sector and communities, with social science academics from across the YERUN network who can explore new opportunities for impactful collaboration. The Dialogue will culminate with an online workshop on Thursday 29th April and registrants are invited to participate in the workshop and to share their insights and perspectives online in the weeks leading up to the session. To register and contribute click here (note – the Eventbrite signup/ticket includes details of how to contribute remotely prior to the 29th).

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