YERUN-ECIU virtual training on Erasmus

Event date: 4-5 November 2020

Event Hour:

Location: Online

ECIU and YERUN are co-organising an exciting training on the next Erasmus Programme, taking place online in the mornings of 4 and 5 November 2020 (draft programme here). The training aims to prepare practitioners from ECIU and YERUN member institutions to take full advantage of the new programme and be fully prepared for some of the key initiatives the European Commission plans to introduce from January onwards.

The next Erasmus programme is just around the corner, commencing on 1 January 2021. For the past year, the doctrine of the European Commission has been that the new programme is supposed to be an evolution, rather than a revolution. Yet, the ambition is to utilise the increased funding to evolve the programme substantially. This includes a range of new initiatives and mobility formats.

Considering the post-COVID era, internationalisation will require practitioners to adapt to this new reality and contribute to encouraging and organising mobility that is innovative, inclusive and safe at the same time.

Are you a YERUN member wishing to attend the event? Get in touch with the YERUN Office!

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