YERUN Staff Week, Operational meeting and General Assembly in London

Event date: 3-5 September 2018

Event Hour: 9.00

Location: London

Brunel University London invites YERUN members to the Staff Training Week on Business Engagement, YERUN Operational meeting and General Assembly meeting in London, next 3-5 September 2018.

The YERUN Staff Week on Business Engagement will cover the following:

Relationships with business and other large organisations such as Hospitals and charities are becoming ever more important for Universities. Whether it is the role they play in advising on future curricula; their role in assuring employability for our graduates or in putting to our collaborative research it is clear that Universities need to understand how best to partner with external organizations and how to develop mutually beneficial relationships.

Arguably YERUN Universities are particularly well placed to benefit from the development of industrial and other external links. However there are clear differences between academia and external organisations ranging from their fundamental mission to the speed of response required to develop effective solutions to their needs. How best can Universities work with such organizations and how should such work be led within the Institution?

We would like to address these questions together during the next YERUN Staff Week. We would like to explore best practice in working with business and other sectors to provide work experience for our students, to develop solutions to their innovation needs and on how to collaborate effectively on high quality research.

For more details, see the General Programme.

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