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  • FAQs on YERUN Research Mobility Awards 2021

    Dear YRMAs applicants, We have created this Frequently Asked Questions section to help you get information while applying to the YRMA grant scheme. The section will be constantly updated.

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    Published: April 26, 2021 | By: YERUN Office

    3rd Call - YERUN Research Mobility Awards 2019-2020

    Are you a researcher from a YERUN institution willing to collaborate with another researcher from a member of our network?  The YERUN Research Mobility Awards are competitive awards for PhD students, Postdocs and early career researchers, equivalent to Euraxess Research Profiles R1 (up to the point of PhD) and R2 (PhD holders, Postdocs or equivalent who are not yet fully independent or until 8 years since completion of PhD) from YERUN Universities*. The programme provides support for researchers to undertake a minimum of 1-week stay at a YERUN partner institution from a different country.

    Link to the application system online

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    Published: October 25, 2019 | By: YERUN Office

    Links to Research Outputs and Researchers from YERUN universities

    Are you interested in collaborating or getting in touch with researchers from YERUN institutions? Below you will find links to the research areas, outputs and researchers portals from our YERUN members. Click more to see the links.

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    Published: October 24, 2019 | By: YERUN Office

    YERUN Research Mobility Fund

    The YERUN Research Mobility Fund Working Group is being established to organise research workshops and a mobility scheme for researchers from YERUN members to create critical mass in areas where large scale investment is needed and to encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas and promote the wider dissemination and impact of YERUN institutions’ research findings.

    • The YERUN Researcher Mobility Awards are competitive awards for academics and researchers from PhDs studying at YERUN universities to early career and established academics. The programme provides support for researchers to undertake up to two weeks of research at one of the other YERUN partner institutions from a different country.

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    Published: September 8, 2017 | By: YERUN Office
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