Strategic Actions

Education Collaboration

Collaboration in education across universities encourages the cross-fertilisation of ideas and promotes enhancement and innovation of a research-led education to the benefit of our students.

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EU Policy

As the representative of young universities in Europe, YERUN will contribute to shaping EU education, research and innovation policies. Key areas are the EU funding programme for Research and Innovation, Open Science and the modernisation of higher education.

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Graduate Employability

YERUN will promote graduate employability and business engagement, and be an advocate for universities delivering high-quality, high-value learning, within the wider setting of Europe’s cultural, social and economic needs.

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Open Science

YERUN is committed to actively support the transition towards Open Science. The YERUN members agree that this transition requires not only investments in infrastructures and skills-building, but also a cultural shift in the way research is performed and rewarded.

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Research Collaboration

Collaboration in research not only helps to create critical mass in areas where large scale investment is needed, it encourages the cross-fertilisation of ideas and promotes the wider dissemination, use and impact of our research.

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