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The founding goals of the Network are to strengthen and develop cooperation in the areas of research, academic education and service to society among a cluster of highly-ranked, young research universities in Europe on an equal basis and for their common benefit.

  • Good aerobic fitness doesn’t protect children against type 2 diabetes, staying active does

    Good aerobic fitness does not protect children against obesity-induced insulin resistance, which is a key risk factor of type 2 diabetes, a new study from Finland shows. However, more physical activity and less sedentary time were associated with reduced insulin resistance also in obese children.  Published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, the findings are based on the Physical Activity and Nutrition in Children (PANIC) Study carried out in the University of Eastern Finland

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    Published: January 3, 2020 | By: YERUN Office

    First LINK EDU-RES project meeting took place at Maastricht University

    On the 5th of November, the first meeting of the the Erasmus+ funded project Joint Programmes at Doctorate Level in a European university network: Linking Education and Research towards the European Education Area (Link EDU-RES) took place at Maastricht University. 

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    Published: December 19, 2019 | By: YERUN Office
  • Ho ho ho!!! The results of the YERUN Research Mobility Awards 2019-2020 are out!!!

    The third call of the YRMA was launched on October 25thand closed a month after. This year we received a total of 85 applications. Out of these, the evaluation committee selected 40 excellent proposals for research collaboration mobility. The list of successful applicants is here below. Congratulations to the winners!

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    Published: December 19, 2019 | By: YERUN Office

    UAB research: How ancient microbes created massive ore deposits and set the stage for early life on Earth

    New international research with participation of the Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) reveals the vital role that Precambrian-eon microbes may have played in two of the early Earth’s biggest mysteries: the generation of massive accumulations of iron and the staging of favorable envrionmental conditions for life under a dim sun. The study has been published in Science Advances.

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    Published: December 18, 2019 | By: YERUN Office
  • YERUN RMA 2019: Meet Eloisa Harris

    I am a PhD researcher at the University of Bremen, where my research is concerned with how social policy agendas of political parties in Western Europe are becoming increasingly exclusionary towards immigrants, also known as “welfare chauvinism”. My PhD thesis is comprised of three main papers, in which I use party manifesto, voter survey and policy reform data to observe the partisan politics of this issue, comparatively across European countries. 

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    Published: December 17, 2019 | By: YERUN Office

    Essex International Summer School 2020 (20-31 July 2020)

    Meet the world in one place next summer at Essex! Applications are now open for University of Essex' 2020 International Summer School, which will take place from Monday 20 July to Friday 31 July 2020. This exciting two-week programme (25 contact hours in total) combines high-quality teaching with a programme of social activities and excursions allowing you to experience the best of British culture and history.

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    Published: December 16, 2019 | By: YERUN Office
  • Antwerp Summer University: first programmes launched

    Since 2010, Antwerp Summer University offers short-term academic programmes of high quality based on the excellence of the University of Antwerp and its partners. From a tiny initiative in 2010 with 70 students in 3 programmes, Antwerp Summer University has grown into an established Summer University, expecting over 500 students from over 60 countries in 2020. Looking for an unforgettable summer full of knowledge and fun? Spread the word or apply now for one of the 28 summer schools available! 16 programmes are already open for application, while the full offer will be announced mid-February 2020. 

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    Published: December 11, 2019 | By: YERUN Office

    University of Konstanz -> ZUKOnnect Fellowships - new call now open

    The Zukunftskolleg has just launched a new call for "ZUKOnnect Fellowships for Scholars from Africa, Asia and Latin America". 

    Up to 5 (post-)doctoral stipends are available for up to 3 months (with justification for up to 4 months) and are based at the Zukunftskolleg. The start date is between September 1st, 2020 and October 1st, 2020. Deadline for applications is 28 February 2020.

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    Published: December 10, 2019 | By: YERUN Office
  • BUDS (Building Up Digital Strategists) - First project partners meeting

    Between 20 and 23 November, the first meeting for the EU-funded BUDS (Building Up Digital Strategists) project took place at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Participants from the five partner universities (Rome Tor Vergata University, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, University of Eastern Finland, University Nova de Lisboa and University of Antwerp) met to lay the basis of the new alliance focused on innovative ways to strengthen knowledge in digital topics and employability in the fast changing labour market. 

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    Published: December 9, 2019 | By: YERUN Office

    Collaboration is key to delivering a successful transition to Plan S

    On 25 November 2019 (14.00-16.00 CET), the YERUN Open Science Working Group (OSWG) was delighted to host Neil Jacobs, cOAlition S Interim Programme Manager and Head of Open Science and Research Lifecycle, Jisc, UK, who led a webinar on Plan S and the role of universities.

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    Published: November 27, 2019 | By: YERUN Office

    9:30 - 16:00

    YERUN Dialogue on Graudate Employability

    Join us on 16 March to discuss the topic of graduate employability! The event aims to trigger a wider European discussion on this crucial issue, drawing from good practices implemented by YERUN members.

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    YERUN Sport Days 2020

    The "YERUN Sport Days" are a collaboration between YERUN, the University of Antwerp and the PCU Committee. The PCU Committee is the university part of Panathlon International, an association recognised by the International Olympic Committee. During three days, each YERUN member is free to participate in a program including a YERUN workshop for professionals on Wednesday, a YERUN dinner for students and professionals on Thursday evening and the complete sports and event program from Wednesday to Friday of the PCU Games for student teams. The YERUN Sport days offer a platform where students and sport offices experience the advantages of the YERUN network and where awareness about the network is created among our students, all within an International Olympic Committee recognised framework of sport, fair play and universal friendship.

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    International Staff Week Open Science at UC3M

    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) is organising its International Staff Week in Open Science, which will be held from 6th to 8th November, 2019. With different activities, such as round tables, workshops and lectures, we will share good practices, ideas for implementation and Universities’ experiences under the eight priorities identified in the European Open Science Agenda.

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