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The founding goals of the Network are to strengthen and develop cooperation in the areas of research, academic education and service to society among a cluster of highly-ranked, young research universities in Europe on an equal basis and for their common benefit.

  • PhD students from the University of Konstanz visit Brussels

    Last 16 November, a group of PhD students from the Konstanz Research School of Chemical Biology organised a visit trip to Brussels to get more information about Research Integrity and Ethics. Research Integrity is a part of the overall Open Science approach, and is a fundamental aspect when performing research that is not an always straight forward concept to apply. The visit was also an opportunity to learn about the European institutions and their decision making process, the framework programmes for funding research and innovation (H2020), experiences from researchers working at the European Commission, and last but not least, the network YERUN. Researchers and staff from YERUN institutions interested in organising this type of visits can get in touch with the YERUN Office. For more information about Research Integrity please consult the ALLEA European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. University of Konstanz

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    Published: November 23, 2017 | By: YERUN Office

    YERUN starts the 1st Research Mobility Awards

    YERUN has launched the first call for application to the YERUN Research Mobility Awards. If you are a researcher, PhD student or staff member of the YERUN universities, you can apply! We will provide a flat rate award to cover expenses during a short research visit (1 or 2 weeks). Visits shall take place from February - July 2018. The YERUN Research Mobility programme wants to provide a platform to:

    • Work with other YERUN Researchers on a joint project or publication,
    • Promote multidisciplinary research across the YERUN network, and
    • Enrich the research and training opportunities for PhD students, early career, postgraduate and postdoctoral scholars and staff within the YERUN network.
    Applications deadline is 20 December, however, do not wait until the last minute!! Your application must be dully signed by the host institution.

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    Published: November 22, 2017 | By: YERUN Office
  • A very successful YERUN Launch Event - Thanks for coming!

    YERUN organised its Launch Event  on November 7, at the European Parliament. Hosted by MEP Soledad Cabezón, the event brought together YERUN members, the European Commission, members of the Parliament, Permanent Representations and numerous EU Stakeholders working on the areas of research and education. A year on since the opening of the YERUN Brussels Office, the network has put in place various initiatives in the areas of Joint Programmes, research workshops and mobility grants for researchers, staff and students of members’ institutions. Future activities will include a strategy with various actions to facilite graduate employability and to actively contribute to make Open Science a reality.

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    Published: November 8, 2017 | By: YERUN Office

    One day to go --> YERUN Launch Event

    This Tuesday, YERUN is organising its Launch Event at the European Parliament. Please check the latest YERUN Launch Programme. Join us on the day and if you cannot make it, please follow the discussions on Twitter! @YERUN_EU #YERUNLaunch Looking forward to seeing you all there! For your information, here is the List of participants. 

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    Published: November 5, 2017 | By: YERUN Office
  • Thanks Ulm University, for having hosted our GA!

    YERUN held its General Assembly meeting in Ulm, on 26 October, and its Operational meeting the day before. The representatives of Young European Research Universities reelected Prof. Juan Romo (UC3M) as YERUN President and welcomed Nicole Dehé (Konstanz University) as new member of the Executive Board. Two years on since the establishment of YERUN, the network has put in place effective mechanisms and collaboration chains to maximise the activities of their students, researchers, staff and institutions themselves.

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    Published: October 30, 2017 | By: YERUN Office

    YERUN General Assembly, October 2017, Ulm

    The University of Ulm is welcoming YERUN members to the next YERUN General Assembly and Staff meeting on 25 and 26 October, in Ulm (Germany). YERUN members are invited to register as soon as possible through the following link.

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    Published: July 30, 2017 | By: YERUN Office
  • European Open Science Cloud Summit

    On 12 June, our YERUN Expert on Open Science, Dr. Eva Méndez Rodríguez, participated as a speaker at the European Open Science Cloud Summit, in Brussels. The meeting gathered key stakeholders to contribute to the Open Science policy debate, looking at prioritising challenges and solutions for developing strong data culture and ecosystems, the adoption and implementation of FAIR data principles, existing research infrastructures and services but also, sustainable funding and governance.

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    Published: June 12, 2017 | By: YERUN Office

    YERUN Sports Days

    The University of Antwerp organised the first edition of the YERUN Sport Days from 26 to 28 April, in Antwerp. The aim was to develop international interactions and experience between students, with an emphasis on Fair Play and Universal Friendship. Ten YERUN teams participated and 116 student athletes and officials from our members were accredited.

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    Published: May 24, 2017 | By: YERUN Office
  • YERUN General Assembly, March 2017, Madrid

    On 17th March, YERUN members gathered for their General Assembly, kindly hosted by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Juan Romo (YERUN President). Members decided on upcoming priorities for the network taking into account the YERUN Strategic Plan adopted for the period 2016-2020. YERUN members will continue working on research and education collaboration, knowledge exchange and graduates’ employability. The General Assembly also adopted by unanimity a BREXIT statement in order to emphasize the importance of scientific and educational collaboration during the negotiations between United Kingdom and the European Union now that the UK Government has triggered article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon. The next General Assembly will take place on 26th October at University of Ulm, in Germany.

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    Published: April 6, 2017 | By: YERUN Office

    YERUN Statement on Brexit

    The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has invoked article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which starts the legal process of leaving the European Union. The United Kingdom gives notice to quit the European Union as decided in the referendum of June 23rd 2016. This is the starting point of a process in which the European Union will attempt to negotiate and conclude an agreement with the United Kingdom, setting out the arrangements for the withdrawal and taking account of the framework for the future relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

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    Published: March 30, 2017 | By: YERUN Office

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