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The founding goals of the Network are to strengthen and develop cooperation in the areas of research, academic education and service to society among a cluster of highly-ranked, young research universities in Europe on an equal basis and for their common benefit.

  • YERUN RMA 2019 - Meet Cornelia Adriana Baciu

    The research area during the YERUN Research Mobility Award was in peace, security and innovation, and more specifically, in a context of increasing great power competition and unstable international security order, how new cooperative strategies in this domain could look like in the future. During the research visit at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) I worked with researchers from the Centre of War Studies (CWS), under the coordination of Professor Sten Rynning, who hosted me for one week in April-May 2019.

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    Published: October 18, 2019 | By: YERUN Office

    YERUN RMA 2019 - Meet Ekaterina Mikhailova

    My research mobility supported by the YERUN RMA took place between April 25 – May 10, 2019, at three Barcelona-based academic institutions, two of which are YERUN members (UAB and UPF) and one is a think tank (IBEI) founded by several public bodies including YERUN members. My principal collaborators were Antoni Durà, Tenured Professor at Department of Geography, UAB and Andrea Noferini, Associate Professor at Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, UPF.

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    Published: October 17, 2019 | By: YERUN Office
  • YERUN RMA 2019 - Meet Selin Sivis

    I am a doctoral researcher at the Department of Sociology, University of Essex. I also work as Senior Research Officer at the Essex Centre for Migration Studies and as Graduate Teaching Assistant at the department. My main field of interest is international migration, in particular forced migration. In my research, I focus on how the boundary-making process takes place in multiple forms from perspectives of host population towards refugees and asylum-seekers in the informal market economy.

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    Published: October 16, 2019 | By: YERUN Office

    YERUN RMA 2019 - Meet Paula Rautionaho

    I am very happy about the visit on all accounts. My host and other members of staff were very accommodating and took very good care of me. During the visit, I met with many members of the department staff and the research group Grammar and Pragmatics. I gave two lectures on the use of English in Finland and in the European context, both of which were met positively by the students, who showed interest by asking questions and reflecting on their own use of English, and the use of English in Belgium.

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    Published: October 15, 2019 | By: YERUN Office
  • YERUN Research Mobility Awards - 3rd call coming soon!

    Are you a researcher from a YERUN institution willing to collaborate with another researcher from a member of our network? Then, stay tuned and read this article to know more about the YERUN Research Mobility Awards (YRMA). They will be launched for the third time in the coming weeks!

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    Published: October 14, 2019 | By: YERUN Office

    YERUN RMA 2019 - Meet Gerardo Pulido Reyes

    Thanks to the YERUN mobility award, I was able to visit Dr. Susana Cristobal at Linköping University (Sweden). She is an impressive and creative scientist with an outstanding career. My visit to her lab allowed me, first of all, to perceive how it is to manage a top research group in the field of environmental proteomics; and, secondly, to know a remarkable scientist and learn from the invaluable knowledge that she has acquired through her life and scientific experiences.

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    Published: October 14, 2019 | By: YERUN Office
  • YERUN RMA 2019 - Meet Lorena Salud Gadella Kamstra

    I am doing a PhD in English Language Teaching at the University of Essex in the Department of Language and Linguistics and a collaboration was made with the Departament de Filologia Anglesa i de Germanística of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). I was invited to take part in the Research Group EFLIC (English as a Foreign Language in Instructed Contexts).

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    Published: October 11, 2019 | By: YERUN Office

    YERUN RMA 2019 - Meet Sara Suárez Gonzalo

    Thanks to the YERUN Research Mobility Award I have done a research stay from the 11th to the 18th of May 2019 with Prof. Dr. Tsjalling E. Swierstra at the Department of Philosophy of the Maastricht University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, within the framework of the excellence Science, Technology and Society Studies (MUSTS) research programme. The stay has also allowed me to exchange views with other researchers of the group, among whom Darian Meacham, Ties van de Werff and Katleen Gabriels.

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    Published: October 9, 2019 | By: YERUN Office
  • YERUN welcomes its new President!

    On 1st of October 2019, Prof. Dr. -Ing. Bernd Scholz-Reiter - President of the University of Bremen - has become the new President of YERUN for a mandate of two years. "I am very happy for this election and I thank the YERUN members for their trust", said Prof. Scholz-Reiter.

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    Published: October 2, 2019 | By: YERUN Office

    Inclusive and open: this is how the EIT could support innovative higher education all over Europe

    The proposed legislation published by the European Commission (EC) on 11 July reinforces the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), enabling it to impact on innovation policy in member states and on the performance and funding of European institutes of higher education (HEI).  YERUN previously advocated more openness of the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs), as well as more outreach to and collaboration with non-member HEI.  

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    Published: September 9, 2019 | By: YERUN Office


    International Staff Week Open Science at UC3M

    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) is organising its International Staff Week in Open Science, which will be held from 6th to 8th November, 2019. With different activities, such as round tables, workshops and lectures, we will share good practices, ideas for implementation and Universities’ experiences under the eight priorities identified in the European Open Science Agenda.

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