Xmas is coming! -> The results of the YERUN Research Mobility Awards 2018-2019 are out!

The second call of the YRMA was launched on October 8thand closed a month after. We received a total of 88 applications. Out of these, the evaluation committee has selected 36 excellent proposals for research collaboration mobility. The list of successful applicants is here below. Congratulations!

Home institution
Host institution
1 Daniel Perez del Prado Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Dublin City University
2 Ekaterina Mikhailova University of Eastern Finland Universitat Pompeu Fabra
3 Paula Rautionaho University of Eastern Finland University of Antwerp
4 Pilvi Hämeenaho University of Eastern Finland Universidade Nova de Lisboa
5 Julia M. Kensbock Maastricht University Universität Konstanz
6 Carolina Sourdis Universitat Pompeu Fabra University of Essex
7 Ronan McCarthy Brunel University London Linköping Universitet
8 Gloria Andrada de Gregorio Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Universidade Nova de Lisboa
9 Paula Szewach University of Essex Universität Bremen
10 Cedric Essi Universität Bremen Syddansk University
11 Eugene Hickland Dublin City University Universidad Carlos III Madrid
12 Maja Brkan Maastricht University Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
13 Amanda Cole University of Essex University of Eastern Finland
14 Geneviève van Liere Maastricht University Brunel University London
15 Lorena Salud Gadella Kamstra University of Essex Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
16 Eva Maria de la Torre Garcia Universidad Autónoma de Madrid University of Essex
17 Alberto Santini Universitat Pompeu Fabra Université Paris Dauphine
18 Leyla Angélica Sandoval Hamón Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Universidade Nova de Lisboa
19 Laia Albó Universitat Pompeu Fabra Maastricht University
20 Stefano Cinti Universita degli Studi di RTV University of Antwerp
21 Zoe Falomir Universität Bremen Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
22 Fernanda Barrientos Contreras Universität Konstanz University of Essex
23 Federica Sabuzi Universita degli Studi di RTV Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
24 Eleni Nisioti University of Essex Universitat Pompeu Fabra
25 Dimitrios Fakis Brunel University London Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
26 Fabio Della Valle Universitat Pompeu Fabra University of Antwerp
27 Cornelia-Adriana Baciu Dublin City University Syddansk University
28 Beatriz Gómez Nieto Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Universität Ulm
29 Carolina Spiegel Universität Bremen Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
30 Francesca Pellegrini Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Universita degli Studi di RTV
31 Sara Suárez-Gonzalo Universitat Pompeu Fabra Maastricht University
32 Gerardo Pulido Reyes Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Linköping Universitet
33 Eloisa Harris Universität Bremen Syddansk University
34 Selin Sivis University of Essex Universität Konstanz
35 Jeannine Teichert Universität Bremen University of Essex
36 Sergej Svorobej Dublin City University Universität Ulm

The YERUN Research Mobility Awards (YRMA) are one of the YERUN’s strategic actions aiming to fostering research collaboration within the member institutions.

The first call was launch last year, in 2017, with the objective to help researchers from YERUN universities to create critical mass for research projects and to encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas and the wider dissemination and impact of YERUN institutions’ research findings. In 2017, a total of 26 researchers (from early career to established academics) were given the possibility to enlarge their connections and research activities within other colleagues in the network. In view of its success, YERUN members decided to increase the number of awards and to focus this opportunity for early career and not yet fully independent researchers (R1-R2*).

YERUN members are extremely pleased to support the strong interest in research collaboration within the YERUN network. They are committed to continue strengthening the possibilities for researchers to advance their connections, to work in diverse teams and to explore possibilities to improve their work by combining expertise, resources, infrastructure.

YERUN members believe these opportunities are particularly relevant for researchers at an early stage of their careers, when it is crucial to help them to open their minds by working with their peers, to share and challenge experiences, and to conduct collaborative research.

This fundamental step to strengthen our European Research Area has the strong commitment of YERUN members to continue promoting it.

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