Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis

Event date: 8 July 2019

Event Hour:

Location: Essex

The 52nd Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis consists of three two-week sessions. Since 1967 this world renowned summer school has brought global-leading teachers and researchers from over 36 different countries to Essex to teach students cutting-edge tools for social science data analysis and advanced statistical methods to answer key social, political and economic questions. Courses cover various types of quantitative and qualitative research methods, research design, techniques for data collection and measurement, as well as mathematics.

“After attending the Essex Summer School I feel that I am now in a better position to analyse my data. This has helped me in two profound ways: a) to help build on the existing academic literature in my area of academic interest and b) with my newly acquired knowledge I can now publish my research in a way that is easier for everyone to understand.”

Intended Audience:

Each session is taught at postgraduate level and applicants are advised to pay careful attention to the course requirements, which are clearly stated in the course descriptions. Basic knowledge of computing is essential and for best learning success, participants should have the background knowledge necessary to follow a course. Participants can freshen-up their mathematics knowledge in an intensive course, Mathematics for Social Scientists.

More information, including fees and discounts for partner organisations are on their website.

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