1st YERUN Research Workshop on Big Data, and advanced analytics for the digital economy

Event date: 25, 26 January 2018

Event Hour:

Location: Wivenhoe House

The University of Essex, in collaboration with University Roma Tor Vergata and Carlos III Madrid, is organising the first YERUN Research Workshop. The first of a series of 6 research workshops is focusing on Big Data, Data Analytics and the Digital Economy.

Registration is reserved to researchers from YERUN institutions.

Update! – There are no more places available for this first edition. Please get in touch with the YERUN Office for further information. 

Promoting research collaboration is a core aim of YERUN.  Collaboration in research across YERUN universities will not only help to create critical mass in areas where large scale investment is needed, it will also encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas and promote the wider dissemination, citation and impact of YERUN institutions’ research findings.

There will be two YERUN Research Mobility Workshops per year. The research workshops are a vehicle for YERUN partners to exchange research ideas, gain a better understanding of complementary expertise in the thematic research priorities identified within the network.


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